The project „the pairing“

The “pairing” project is an experiment in which two different worlds meet to see
if they can harmonize together and make a pair.
Tiba has paired two independent and alien arts into a new art form.
Tiba dealt with the idea of making something innovative with carpets (kilims) 30 years ago, where he began his career as a carpet restorer.
“I had thousands of ideas, and some of them were realized. Again and again,
I learned and developed new methods to speed up and improve work processes.
So I came closer to realizing my idea of pairing”, says Tiba.

The thousands of years old hand tissue art should be paired with painting.
Tiba encountered a Moroccan kilim in search of suitable material,
which should provide the basis for his first mating.
And so Tiba struggled a number of pairings. At first, it was the carpets that set Tiba the tone.
The background shapes, colors, and textures, age and materials dominated the theme.
But at some point, Tiba was so far that he wanted to determine how he wants
to tell the story of the kilim carpets. He had found his own style and he was from now on the determiner of the motive of his new creations.

Tiba told the stories of the kilim carpets with a picture,
taking into account the characteristics and their properties.
In his new style, Tiba has focused on spirals.
His new images consist of curved lines that give them a unique and recognizable form.

The “Spiralist” was born.

To see some projects / pictures of Tiba’s new pairings please click here.

For the biography of Tiba please click here. For contact with TIBART please click here.

Namayeshgah Makowski Berlin 2019

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